Thursday, July 06, 2006

Scrabster to Kirkwall.

Scrabster to Kirkwall. See map at  The benefit of a car.

Getting there - There is an airport at Kirkwall, see We went by car ferry from Scrabster, Scotland. See for Scrabster. Scrabster is near John o'Groats, the most northern tip of Scotland mainland. John o'Groats corresponds in the north to Land's End at the south, the tip of Cornwall, England. Seeing the British Isles from literal top to bottom.

If you have no reservations for the Scrabster ferry, get on line in the car at the ferry about 5:30 A.M. We were lucky - fine, big ferry with full Scottish breakfast -- baked beans, eggs, meats, mushrooms, tomatoes, breads, porridge. We waddled off. On the way, the ferry passes the Old Man of Hoy - a big rock. There was an old magical battle fought at Hoy, where the dead were revived to fight again. See There you will find the Old Man of Hoy. The formation is called a seastack - see

The Old Man of Hoy is a favorite for climbers, but you will be on your own. See Climbing the Old Man.

For getting around Orkney without a car, see

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