Saturday, October 13, 2007

Standing Stones of Stennis; Ring of Brodgar; Scapa Flow;

Ring of Brodgar Orkney Ring of Brodgar, Standing Stones, Orkney
Standing Stones, Stennis, Orkney; Ring of Brodgar, Orkney

There are layers of culture here: Standing stones. Ancient: Neolothic, Picts, Norse, Scots.

 Scapa Flow. These lovely waterways also were the scenes of World War tragedies - // October 13, 1939. Scapa Flow, the anchorage thought to be secure, was breached by the Germans and a battleship, The Royal Oak, lost. I believe this is Scapa Flow, but there are so many waterways I cannot be sure.

The site says that the first German bomb landing on British soil was here, at Hoy, Orkney. The "Old Man of Hoy" is a famous rock seastack, a sole upcropping chimney in the sea. Do an images search, or go to //

All in a name: "Orkney" is also The Orkney Islands, or The Orkneys. See easy source for this kind of noncontroversial subject at // The Wikipedia site is an excellent information and photo overview.

Read the news and find that the communities that are near these ancient places face the same issues as more accessible places - see Wind turbines, football, drugs.