Thursday, July 06, 2006

Skara Brae settlement

Skara Brae. People there for 6000 years. Until you are there, it is hard to appreciate just how old the cultures are that still show on Orkney. Look at this timeline, and see that Skara Brae settlement and the standing stones of Stenness was there 500 years before the pyramids in Egypt.

See for a view of the history here, stretching so far back. Go to for more on Kirkwall.

Get an overview of the historical sights at See its museums at Next time, I would get to the Orkneys fast, and spend a week there and on up to the Shetlands . See what we missed at Shetland Islands. We broke our own rule. We saw a ferry sign to the Shetlands and did not hop on. No time! No time!

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